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know between the u.s. and germany? >> that's an excellent question. the fear in germany of course is that washington knows a lot more than the bnd is doing. and that's altogether possible. dual haus merlic could one say. this parliamentary bundeslag is going to have to decide whether it really wants to learn these things or whether the u.s. so-called oversight committees which really are overlook committees, whether they really want to know what the bnd was doing. because thomas drake said on friday night, all or virtually all the data that goes through germany is accessed by the nsa and by the bnd. and some of that, some of that traffic, some of that data is used for drone strikes in
. the weather, it is not cooperating for some people to he west but for us it might be improving. >> fortunately for us the storms olled through a little later and it of since we didn't have the daytime heating they were sphere bevere.
they stated two different grounds. one was there's no legal basis to turn him over to the u.s. because the u.s. and russians don't have any extradition treaty which is a ground the u.s. cited numerous times when refusing to turn over accused criminals to the russians who were on u.s. soil. and secondly that he faced persecution. that he'd be put into a cage for the next several decades by virtue of his whistleblowing activities which are heralded around the world. neither of those two grounds has changed. the russians have indicated publicly and in other ways they intend to extend his asylum and so i think the chances that mr. snowden will end up in u.s. custody and anything resembling the near future is very, very low. basically nonexistent. >> do you personally feel that he faces persecution? >> he definitely faces
to ways that surveillance has actually compromised u.s. security. u.s. companies have been more reluctant to cooperate with foreign intelligence services. chinese hackers are better able to infiltrate our systems because of the back doors that have been inserted into them. foreign leaders are refusing contracts with u.s. companies and the u.s. government. so the new director of the nsa disagree was his predecessor and points to specific and measurable ways in which nsa surveillance has not helped america but has actually hurt us. >> mr. romero, your organization serves as an adviser to edward
to settle the real differences between u.s. and iran. the purpose of the moment is to quarantine the talks around the sole issue of nuclear program and achieve agreement there. now if that should happen, one can imagine a situation where the u.s. and iran ceased being impeccable enemies and instead become intense rivals who may be able to cooperate on issues where competing national interests converge. the common analogy is being invoked are the u.s. and china and the u.s. and russia. that is why i used the word tantalizing at the outset. this relationship has been marked by deep and recurring distrust on both sides and the result has been a breakdown in relations between the united states and iran that has lasted longer than the breakdown between china and the u.s. today. building trust is elusive particularly if one side doesn't understand what the other side thinks and why it does. that is the value of this book. i can think of no better person to explain the iranian viewpoint to a western audience than seyed hossain mousavian who was not only at the center so many events that propelled
that gave us vietnam. >> well, people have the sense they could be transformed through politics, and a lot of us spend a lot of time thinking about politics, but if you're looking for salvation in politics, you're barking up the wrong tree. it's the loss in faith in a lot of things and the belief in faith of politics which gave us the russian evolution on a larger scale but in the smaller scale the sense that, you know, the 2008 obama campaign had come along, and i'm as guilty as anybody about this, and you get caught up in the fervor of the thing and, when that fervor doesn't come through, you've got this emotional crash of disillusionments and i think
something it hopes will help its owners and clients sleep better. >> our clients are talking to us about it. they were asking us about it and in order to prevent being behind the eight ball, we felt like we wanted to be proactive and go ahead and get the insurance because we knew it was something that was important to our clients and then of course it was important to us, as well. >> reporter: the insurance clarities head of operations elizabeth wade is talking about, cyber insurance. clarity is one of a growing number of firms adding this layer of protection should their computers or those that their venders or suppliers get hacked or hijacked by a computer virus. >> up until now, the growth is driven by data rich industries, so retail, higher ed, financial, even tech and telecom but with
and by the bnd. and some of that, some of that traffic, some of that data is used for drone strikes in pakistan. that's big. if the german government wants to duck that, hopefully there's enough democracy in germany, hopefully enough time has gone by since world war ii that the germans can stop acting like anhanga, with all the killing
by statute as implemented. the section 702 program targeting foreigners outside the u.s. fits the fourth amendment, and they say they are troubled over the incidental collection of u.s. persons' communications, though they tried to offer context. >> i don't think we can stress
immediately ran away. >> reporter: the tour includes a stop at the cave that he used for shelter. >> translator: onoda even cooked in here. to escape detection, he minimized his use of fire. and left no traces of the animals he ate. >> reporter: the guides tell some extraordinary stories about onoda. he never bathed out of fear of being detected while in the water. for his three decades in the jungle, he went to pains to make sure his drinking water was clean. >> the life there in the jungle would be very difficult, it
[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> booktv is on facebook. like us to interact with booktv guests and viewer, watch videos and get up to date information on events, tv. >> pepperdine university's lang hawken sat down with booktv to discuss the pros and cons of marijuana legalization. this interview, recorded at pepperdine university in malibu, canada, is part of booktv's college series. >> the book is called "marijuana legalization: what everyone needs to know." publish bid oxford university press. one of the co-authors, editors, is angela hawken, a public policy professor at pepperdine university, where we are on location. angela hawken, is this book pro or antilegalization of marijuana? >> neither. that is what makes isnone of us agree with each other on marijuana legalization and that's the genius of oxford university press, bringing together different opinions and figuring out the evidence. the issues around marijuana there are such strong advocates that the public have no idea which direction they're being pulled in. the idea to get peopl
of the south pole. you'll also see books about the u.s. border patrol, israel, fracking, the taliban in afghanistan and the american west in 1776. all this and much more, 48 hours of nonfiction books and authors on c-span2. booktv, television for serious readers. >>> up next on booktv, seyed hossein mousavian, a former high ranking hebb of iran's national security counsel, suggests ways for the two countries to improve their relationship. this is about 90 minutes. [inaudible conversations] >> we have a prime seat in the front row. good evening and welcome. i'm warren hog, ipi's -- hoge, and i'm happy to welcome you to this distinguished author series event featuring seyed hossein mousavian, the author of "iran and the united states: an insider's view on the failed past and the road to peace." as you can see from his biography, hossein is, indeed, a verified insider when it comes to such critical things as the government of the islamic republic of iran, iran's disputed nuclear program, its continually conflicted relationship with the united states and his own close, personal associati
against the u.s. involvement in world war i. it's an incredibly broad statute that allows the u.s. government to punish virtually anybody who takes action or discloses information that the united states government doesn't want disclosed. in the post 9/11 era courts have said the defense that most whistleblowers want to raise which is, yes, i disclose this information but doing so is justified because it revealed serious wrongdoing on the part of the u.s. government that should never have been kept secret in the first place is not a defense. they are literally not allowed to utter that defense. and i think reform of that law to make it a law that reflects our current values and that gives whistleblowers a fighting chance in court is a crucial first step. >> even storied whistleblowers have come out and said perhaps
talking to this journalist. aen it comes to protecting source, i have yet to teach myself using an encryption engine, this kind of thing. i do not take my iphone with me when i meet a source. unless you take the battery out, you can still be tracked. i was leaked classified intelligence community documents last year that cataloged quite a few years of u.s. drone strikes in pakistan. i went to considerable lengths
account u.s. and germany put this scandal behind them, how badly has their reputation been damaged? >> as has been pointed out the close relationship of intelligence sharing is something that goes back a matter of decades. as a matter of fact, tom drake who testified on friday even talked about the bnd for example as being an appendage, unhanga is the engineer man word to the nsa and the u.s. intelligence establishment. so with that kind of history, it's going to be very difficult for mrs. merkel to assert her authority, and i see this as a kind of a metaphor for the unhanga, the appendage relationship that has existed between germany and the united states send the end of world war ii really. one of the things that has been
response to criticism from u.s. and south korea. they also say it's within the country's lawful rights to protect its autonomy. >> for more on the situation, kim chul-woo joins us from seoul. he is a specialist for the north korean affairs for t korean institute of de analysis. thank you very much for joining mr. think the investigation by n korea is going to be? >> stockholm talks in march followed by beijing meeting indicate pyongyang's changed position unlike earlier insistence that the abduction issue had been settled and disclosed all information on them. pyongyang's willingness to reserve the stance of ab issue symbolize the de desire to get out of t isolation imposed even by close ally, china. in that sense the special investigating committee for japanese people in north korea is likely to be more thorough than before. the committee may check japanese
as being from us citizens or residents. the report also found that some of the communications captured by the nsa did contain significant intelligence value, including "a secret overseas nuclear project, double-dealing by an ostensible ally, and the identities of aggressive intruders into u.s. computer
of us here at cbs news, thanks for joining us. and good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
including higher ground. >>> he had been in touch with world leaders, including the u.s. president, barack obama. he had no international pressure. he said no international pressure will prevent israel from acting with all of its power. he says israel will expand its air strikes in a few days. israeli targets have attacked more than 1,000 targets over the past four days. the israeli attacks have killed 96 people, including women and children. some have destroyed daily life. >> translator: there's almost no ordinary life in gaza. people go to prayers, but nobody goes to work. >>> u.s. secretary of state john kerry is trying to absolve the dispute over the election. he's urging the two candidates to cooperate kerry arrived in the group for a way forward. then kerry spoke with the other candidate. he said there had been widespread vote rigging and he threatened to set up a parallel government. the ewe united nations more than 40% of the total. the audit should be more expansive when he demanded the head of the investigative panel resign. >>> most forces in afghanistan with scheduled to withdr
>>> the finance committee will come to order. the u.s. tax code is infected with the chronic diseases of loopholes and inefficiency. these infections are hobbling america's drive to create more good wage, red, white and blue jobs here at home. they are a significant drag on our economy and are harming u.s. competitiveness. the latest outbreak of this contagion is the growing wave of corporate inversions where american companies move their headquarters out of the united states in pursuit of lower tax rates. the inversion virus now seems to be multiplying every few days. medtronics' proposed merger was record breaking when it was announced in june. but the ink in the record books had barely dried when abv announced its intention on friday to require shyer for almost $55 billion. according to the july 15 edition of marketplace -- and i'm going to quote here -- what's going on now is a feeding frenzy. every investment banker now has a slide deck that they're taking to any possible company and saying, you have to do a corporate inversion now because if you don
forces to expand their roles. now the defense chiefs of japan and the u.s. say that decision will be reflected in their new bilateral security agreement. japanese defense minister itsunori met with chuck hagel. he explained the abe administration's decision to reinterpret the constitution. hagel called the move a historic decision. he said the u.s. strongly supports japan's right to collective self-defense and that it should be incorporated into the new defense guidelines by the end of the year. onodera said he and hagel agreed that the strength in japan/u.s. alliance will lead to regional stability. he said the new security pact will be compiled without assuming specific military scenarios or naming any countries as threats. >> translator: the guidelines will be for japan and the u.s. to cooperate swiftly and continuously. >> hagel said japan will now be able to increase its contribution to regional stability and expand its role on the world's stage. >> together japan's collective self-defense decision and revised defense guidelines will allow japan to participate more activ
giveaway to the oil and gas... industry has cost us billions. forced deep cuts in education. and his mismanagement caused a massive budget deficit. now corbett wants to give the oil and gas industry even... more handouts. because that's who tom corbett listens to. and this is who pays the price.
to the oil and gas... industry has cost us billions. forced deep cuts in education. and his mismanagement caused a massive budget deficit. now corbett wants to give the oil and gas industry even... more handouts. because that's who tom corbett listens to. and this is who pays the price. and keep telling us what is important to you. >>> and now this news, an important deadline today for former nsa contractor, edward snowden. >> if we can't understand the policies and programs of our government, we cannot grant our consent in writing. as someone very clever said recently, we don't have an oversight problem, we have an undersight problem. it report sid i have a problem. i need to speak with your
and gas... industry has cost us billions. forced deep cuts in education. and his mismanagement caused a massive budget deficit. now corbett wants to give the oil and gas industry even... more handouts. because that's who tom corbett listens to. and this is who pays the price. mcelroy was such a good golfer
pro-russian separatists are blocking their way. leaders in the ukraine and u.s. blame the separatists for the attack and russia suppor all 298 people on board flight >> thousands of israeli soldiers on thursday began pouring over the border into ga. the soldiers say they've discovered another 13 tunnels dug by hamas which controls the palestinian territory. they say hamas used the tunnels for military purposes. senior members of the islamist group say they're fighting back. they say their forces broke through the enemy front and exchanged fire with israeli soldiers near the border. more than 300 palestinians have died in israeli air and ground attacks. >>> japan's defense officials have been looking for a place to station a fleet of n controversial aircraft. they're planning to buy 17 ospreys despite the troubled safety record. and they want to deploy them in saga in southwestern japan. officials have included the ospreys in their budget request for the next fiscal year. they say the tilt rotor aircraft will help the self-defense forces deal with disasters. critics point to a series o
kuala lumpur but was shot down killing all 298 on board. during a tv interview, u.s. secretary of state, john kerry, renewed accusations. >> we are not drawing the final conclusion here but there is a lot that points at the into ed for russia to be responsible. >> russian president, vladmir putin, released a rare video statement to caution other countries. >> no one has the right to use this tragedy to achieve their own selfish political goals. >> a group of 31 investigators from the netherlands, germany and australia arrived in ukraine's eastern region of karkiv. they said they were ready to return bodies to their home countries. poroshenko gave an update and said his government will ensure the security of international investigatorss at the site. he wants cooperation for that purpose. fresh fighting broke out on monday morning in the separatist strong hold of donetsk. they are mounting that the fighting will ham bper efforts recover bodies. >>> israeli troops in the gaza strip are expanding their offensive. the current conflict has left more than 500 people dead. >> the military inten
to date, the time for the two leaders be reserved for their use later in the day. following any leader remarks, the senate proceed to executive session and resume consideration of calendar number 929 with the time until 5:30 p.m. equally divided between the two leaders or their designees. that at 5:30, all postcloture time be deemed expired and the senate proceed to vote on confirmation of the nomination and then immediately upon disposition of the harris nomination, the senate execute the previous order with respect to calendars numbers 915, 916, 913 and 744. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. reid: so on monday at 5:30, the senate will vote on confirmation of harris and mckewon nominations. there could be up to five votes on monday but we expect some of them to be confirmed by voice. so if there's no further business to come before the senate, i ask it adjourn under preeft order. preeft order. called in opportunity grant to consolidate 11 federal programs and funding are dissipating state. it would be different ways of providing aid. in the short tori, more flexibility for
>> where will our trip take us next, don't forget to check the meet and speak website for additional content. >>> hello, and thanks for joining us. this is "newsline." >>> the israeli military has launched a landing operation early on sunday. the israeli military officials say troops landed in northern gaza to destroy a launching facility for long-range missiles. four israeli troops were wounded. though blocked the landing, but three of the fighters were killed. in a televised message, hamas warned the israelis of further attacks. they fired nine rockets toward tel aviv. es real is stepping up efforts to eradicate the launch areas in gaza. >> translator: i didn't want to leave, but my house was burned down in an israeli military attack. >> the israeli air force dropped leaf lolets warning people to evacuate by sunday afternoon. in gaza, authorities say more than 1300 israeli air strikes have killed 160 people and injured another 1,085 since last tuesday. they say many of the wounded are women and children. on saturday, an israeli war plane flattened the home of a gaza
.. >> guest: basically declare the position on the subject. and for many of us who are academics, that's a very uncomfortable thing to do because you don't really want to show your hand. this general, in your research we provide unbias if we're able to set of perspectives. so in this case we were asked to show our hand of the four authors i was the one most in favor of marijuana legalization, commercial legalization, which i think was surprising for many because of my pepperdine affiliation. >> host: why are you in favor? >> guest: well, as i said in the -- as i acknowledge in the chapter, my drug of choice, i'm a claying anglican, had my first drink of wine when i was 13 years old during communion, and i'm a regular consumer and reasonable consumer and safe consumer of wine. and my drug of choice is alcohol. for others, their drug of choice is marijuana, and in terms of social harms, the social harms of alcohol by far dominate the social harms of marijuana. the policy of analysts want to see the law handle the substance more equitably, and i didn't think there was a strong argum
"techknow" is next. and a reminder you can check us out 24 hours a day at where the news continues 24 hours a day, seven days a week nonstop. >> this is "techknow." a show about innovations that can change lives. we're going to explore the intersection of hardware and humanity and doing it in a unique way. this is a show about science by scientists. let's check out our team of hard core nerds. >> dr. crystal dilworth is a neuroscientist specializing in nicotine research. tonight, e-cigarettes. why they're so addicting to kids and what's really in those fruity flavors. >> breathing particles cause people to die of heart attacks, plain and simple. >> i'm phil torres, an entomologist. tonight i meet the indiana jones of space technology, and discover -- >> we're the same people who. >> kosta grammatis. and lindsay moran. a former cia agent. that's our team. now let's do some science. ♪ >> hey guys, i'm phil torres. welcome to "techknow" i'm joined by are crystal dilworth, and kosta grammatis. and linda moran. - lindsay moran. >> let's take a look at the safety of
exploration of this planet. many of us have been working these missions. i hope i can give you that sense. want to remind you of where we are. we are a long way today from ours, even though we are in a close approach right now. i reminded our administrator of this 15 years ago. mars is not our mother earth. it is a profoundly different world. it does not read our textbooks. our ideas are changing. there is a large community of science working with -- scientists working with the missions of curiosity. we don't totally know what we have. that is important as we look forward to the era of human exploration. mars is an ever-changing frontier. we are just realizing the questions we have ask you to allow us as aware human explorers on that service to do the jobs we do so well, that situational awareness. this is a view of where we see we are going with curiosity over the next hundreds, and as we drive every day we see elements of the new mars, the same with opportunity, spirit, all the way back to viking. science organized itself in different ways. for the last almost 20 years, we have looked a
million to raise mary gave us a firm foundation to bring this foundation to completion so we're 2/3rd's of what you there. i would say to thank our expanding campaign counselor shawn richards who is where it is shawn he's back here you want to hold up your hand he's the president of greg by the fundraising consultants from the beginning. we also would like to thank pat as mary less mentioned a member of the clubs board and president of the tom by foundation the largest and very generous donor to the project please welcome tale of two cities to tell us why it is so important that the commonwealth club complete that project. tale of two cities please (clapping) >> kind of hard to follow george schults and mayor ed lee pr anyway greetings to all of you this is really a thailand moment for all of us involved in the club many years fighting for an incredible facility for the club for many years to come. i'm older than i thought i was. jeff baker is essential my partner the ceo of the ca resident foundation he's worked with me on many, many projects he's been extremely helpful in terms of
with world leaders including u.s. president barack obama. he had no international pressure will prevent -- he said no international pressure will prevent israel from acting with all its power. he said israel will expand its air strikes in a few days. israeli forces have attacked more than 1,000 targets over the past four days. those targets include rocket launchpads used by the islamist militant group hamas. the israeli attacks have killed 96 people including women and children. they've wounded 700. streets in gaza were deserted on friday while palestinians attended prayer services. some residents said the air strikes have destroyed daily life. >> translator: there's almost no ordinary life in gaza. people go to prayers, but nobody goes to work. >> reporter: other residents told nhk the israelis do not distinguish civilians from militants. >>> u.s. secretary of state john kerry is trying to help resolve a dispute over the afghan presidential election. he's urging the two candidates to cooperate with an investigation into allegations of vote fraud. kerry arrived in the afghan capital ka bull t
. we set a strong signal that if the government wants to collect information on u.s. citizens get a warrant. thank you for your hard work on this issue and i look forward to working with each of you to keep pushing for a safer, more secure internet. >> all right. thank you congresswoman lofgren. and next up is alan graceland. >> thank you for inviting me to share this panel on the nsa and thank you for all of the good work you do to protect privacy and security in america and throughout the world. listen to me, if the chinese government had proposed to put in a backdoor into our computers and then paid a company $10 million to make that the standard we would be furious, angry, we would do something about it. but what about if it is our own government that does that? that is exactly what the nsa has become. the best hacker in the entire world. when they put in a weakness in the architecture of the software everyone uses they are making it a weakness for their benefit and that is a crying shame. we are entitled to privacy and many of our economic activities can't be done unless they
reasons but they will certainly return. >> the u.s., malaysian and u.k. governments also intend to send investigators to the crash site. u.s. president barrack obama discussed the crash over the phone with angela merkel and david cameron. they agreed international investigators must be given full access to the accident site so they can conduct a thorough investigation and said all evidence must remain intact and in ukraine. obama and cameron said more action would be taken if russia continues to fail to take steps to deescalate the situation in ukraine. >>> a spokesperson for the u.s. defense department says the jet was shutdown using a russian-made buk missile. official with ukraine's interior ministry have unveiled a video they say shows a truck carrying the launcher to russia soon after the crash. a police surveillance squad shot the footage early friday. it was heading toward the russian border in the lunansk region. they're analyzing the pictures. interior minister arsen avakov claimed the launcher in the video is the one used to shoot down the plane. they say no such weapons have
in the crash. they were heading from amsterdam to kuala lumpur. ukrainian and the u.s. officials say pro russians used a soviet ground-to-air missile to bring down the plane. they say the attack would have required a high degree of precision so the militants likely received support from russia. russian govern am officials have dismissed the claims. deputy defense minister anatoly antonov called on ukrainian authorities to provide evidence. a team of international monitors are struggling to gain access to the wreckage which is scattered over a wide area. officials at the organization for security and cooperation in europe took people to examine the debris and interview residents. but men thought to be pro russian separatists are refusing to let them through. osce officials say the monitors were only able to look at the site for about an hour. >> they have been on site. they will will have to withdraw for security reasons, to donetsk, but they will certainly return. >> government officials in the u.s., malaysia and uk say they also intend to send investigators to the crash site. >>> it's b
with their counterparts from the u.s. and south korea. he also told them to check that all aircraft and vessels are safe, and he asked them to keep the public up-to-date. the officials plan to launch a protest with north korea. >>> foreign ministers from countries across the world are calling on israel and the islamic group hamas to keep their weapons down. they are urging the warring sides to extend their cease-fire in the gaza strip. ministers from the u.s. and six other countries met in paris to discuss the conflict. a senior european union diplomat also attended. they talked about what the international community can do to help. french foreign minister laurent fabeus said those at the meeting were united. he said they want to obtain as quickly as possible, an agreement that meets the needs of both sides. representatives from israel and hamas recently rejected a proposal by u.s. secretary of state john kerry to hold a week-long cease-fire. they are deadlocked over the economic blockade on gaza. israel imposed the blockade when hamas took effective control over the territory in 2007. >>> hours before
in the gaza strip. ministers from the u.s. and six other countries met in paris to discuss the conflict. a senior union diplomat also attended. they talked about what international community can do to help. french foreign minister said those at the meeting were united. he said they want to obtain as quickly as possible an agreement that meets the needs of both sides. representatives from israel and hamas recently rejected a proposal by u.s. secretary of state john kerry to hold a week-long cease fire. they are deadlocked over the economic blockade on gaza. israel imposed a blockade when hamas took effective control in 2007. hours before the cease fire took effect, an israeli air strike hit residential building in gaza. rescuers succeeded in pulling a pregnant woman from the rubble. she died while on the way to hospital but part of her managed to live on. abc television reports israeli missiles destroyed a two-story house. she was 23 years old and nine months pregnant. she was pronounced dead as she was being taken to hospital. however, doctors decided to carry out an emergency operation
rirvetion associated with the use of electronic cigarettes associate with the liquids themselves. the research at u.c. riverside, indicates that we shouldn't be just concerned about the are liquids but the devices themselves. >> when you do your experiments in the lab you hope to find something and it all started with one cardomizer. we found burning on the fibers. we kept dissecting and dissecting and found this over and over again. i never thought in a million years i would find this. >> the break through finding is the aerosols the e-cigarettes emit have their own version of secondhand smoke. >> the e-si the e-cigs consequence. instead, there's a battery powered atomizer that heats up a liquid mixture inside. this mixture turns into vapor which the individual i in inhales. >> we found there were metal particles that were found in the fluid as well as coating the fibers. >> these pictures are tin particles from the fluids. so i should be concerned that there are similar fibers in my lungs if i am an e-cigarette user. >> uh-huh. >> wow. so this leads to respiratory complaints. >
using this to remove on a illegal permit we may be ask those questions but there's nothing you could pull this plumbing permit it's the paratransit i've ever seen a building permit if this was is an effort to take a stove out of an illegal unit i've not seen this on its own. if that's what we want to do they need a building and a plumbing permit >> mr. sanchez. >> thank you. good evening scott sanchez planning department i'm to begun by echoing the word of the inspector joe duffey commissioner hwang we appreciated having you on the board your leadership is an supervision to everyone you've maintained the best preparation and your probing and insightful questions and your deliberating and we appreciate that service to our city and the best to your new endeavors and hopefully, you'll have free time. >> thank you very much. >> on this case the subject property in the commercial district based on the information that joe duffey it appears that the legal property is one legal unit brown above the ground in terms of what we see for a permit that removes an illegal dwelling unit you ha
something there about a change of use on the permit itself. >> yeah. >> but somehow, that did not, trigger or set up a flag for the approval process, right? >> yeah. >> requiring further type of effort, >> i think that the staff made an error. >> okay. >> thanks. >> commissioners the matter is submitted. >> did mr. duffy want to say anything? >> okay. >> commissioners i just speak because i think that my name got mentioned somewhere along the line there. and on the notice of violation, that i heard referenced, i apologize that i don't have the copies of them with me or a copy. i believe from working on-line that there is one notice of violation issued, two complaintses and three complaints were filed and one ended up in a notice of violation, and going to the code enforcement and my recollection of this is that it was for installing the poles with lights the building use. 86 parking lot, and we have a list that get a number and sometimes we don't have every single classification for a business and so we may not have one for recycling and the plan checker used maybe the closest one and i do
john cavaiani was born in england, came to the u.s. when he was 4 years old. he joined the army during the vietnam war, he was a special forces staff sergeant when his platoon was overrun by heavy fire. most were evacuated, he volunteered to stay behind in the end. badly wounded and complete disregard for his own personal safety, delivering supres ing fire so that all of his men could be airlifted out. he was a p.o.w. for two years until the end of the year. john cavaiani was 70 years old. his death leaves us with 79 living recipients of the medal of honor. >>> dutch van kirk has died. the last surviving member of the air crew that dropped the atomic bomb on hiroshima. he was the navigator of the b-29 bomber enola gay. he set the course that led to the release of the bomb august 6th of '45. in later years he believed nuclear weapons should be abolished. theodore "dutch" van kirk was 93. >>> with head injury awareness on the rise, in ways that could change the game of football, the ncaa has reached a preliminary settlement in a class action
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